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Saturday, October 22, 2005
House guests

A few weeks ago (actually, more like about 2 months ago) my plan was to tear apart the old, decrepid, not-even-close-to-being-up-to-code deck in my back yard and rebuild it. I finally got around to starting it Friday. All throughout the initial teardown, there were various spiders, earwigs and other crawly things scurrying around. I tried as best I could to not think about those 8-legged things, because of my previously mentioned aversion to them. And I'm quite proud to say that I did so rather well.

About halfway through the teardown, I noticed an odd looking critter scurrying accross one of the boards. Looked kinda like an earwig at first, but was a semi-clear color. Then I saw another. And another. Then it hit me what they were. And I am none too happy. Actually, I am not at all happy. I am quite unhappy, as a matter of fact. Yes, that junky arse deck in my back yard (butting right up against my house) is infested with termites. Y'know, I blame Bush. I didn't have termites when Clinton was President, so it must be Bush's fault.* Can I sue the White House for whatever it costs me to get rid of these frackin' bugs?

On a completely unrelated and much happier note, it is one of my friends' birthday! Yeah! Happy Birthday, Froot Loop! Don't party tooooooo hard (yeah, right! lol). Now, in celebration (as well as disgust about the termites) I think I'm going to get stinkin' drunk tonight.

*Yes, that was a joke. I'm in a bad mood, and making stupid jokes in a feeble attempt to boost my spirits is what I do in that situation. I know that Bush had absolutely nothing to do with it, since everyone knows that Rove is the puppeteer, so it's all his fault.

Posted at 10/22/2005 7:46:12 am by PhilM

Zube Girl
October 22, 2005   08:34 PM PDT
I blame it on Bush too. Actually, I don't either, but that made me spit out my water. Hee hee. That was funny.

Glad there weren't any man-eating spiders or anything. :)
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