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Friday, March 05, 2004
100 Things About Me

100 Things About Me

Since this seems to be a common blogger thing to do . . .

  1. I'm perpetually single.
  2. Though not by choice. And have given up hope of that ever changing.
  3. I used to own a hyperactive (but the world's cutest) Golden Retriever.
  4. I've had at least 1 dog in the house since I was 2.
  5. I attended my first auto race in July 1970.
  6. Yes, that was 4 months before my birthdate.
  7. I'm a second-hand vegetarian.
  8. That means I eat things that were vegetarian.
  9. There are currently 172 174 177 182 183 186 188 117 136 170 movies (DVD & VHS) in my collection.
  10. I have all but given up on dating girls named Lori.
  11. I'm a computer geek.
  12. But not good enough to be a hacker.
  13. I can do division of polynomials in my head.
  14. Wolves are the coolest animals ever.
  15. Except for Golden Retrievers.
  16. No. 15 was added by my dog.
  17. My 33x great-grandfather was Robert Brus, King of Scotland.
  18. My 34x great-grandfather was Edward the Longshanks, King of England--Robert's nemesis.
  19. Obviously that's following different family lines.
  20. I'm also my own 17th cousin.
  21. I am most proud of my Irish & Scottish heritage.
  22. But will likely never be caught in a kilt.
  23. My legs are too blindingly white.
  24. I collected comic books as a kid.
  25. And played D&D.
  26. Okay, I still play D&D.
  27. I'm a recovering Catholic.
  28. Fishing & auto racing are too sports!
  29. I like all kinds of seafood.
  30. As long as it's cooked--no sushi for me.
  31. It's been too long since I last vacuumed.
  32. I love kung fu movies.
  33. But absolutely hated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
  34. I also love war movies.
  35. But equally loathed The Thin Red Line.
  36. I am amazed every day that both those movies got such high acclaim.
  37. My CD collection contains at least one sample of every kind of music.
  38. Except rap.
  39. But yes, even reggae.
  40. Okay, it's not really reggae--it's punk-reggae.
  41. I don't exercise enough.
  42. And adore sweets.
  43. I believe Sean Connery is the only real James Bond.
  44. I'm not a Republican.
  45. I'm not a Democrat.
  46. But I always vote.
  47. I do not spoil my dog.
  48. At least, not enough.
  49. I have more computers than fishing poles.
  50. But all my fishing poles work.
  51. I'm eating fish sticks as I type this.
  52. I have never, ever had a mullet.
  53. Nor will I ever.
  54. I like Pepsi better than Coke.
  55. But don't like Pepsi's advertising.
  56. I played 4 years of soccer growing up.
  57. And 3 years of Little League.
  58. And 2 years of football.
  59. And even a year of basketball.
  60. Which is probably why I don't like stick & ball sports.
  61. I refuse to buy an automatic transmission car.
  62. I dated Robin Williams in high school.
  63. She was a 5'0" tall, blond-haired, black-belted cutie.
  64. I prefer using booze for cooking or baking than for drinking.
  65. I've never experienced a hangover. It is my life's goal to see every comic book movie ever made.
  66. Because I've never been drunk enough to. Guinness from the tap is the drink of the gods.
  67. But don't ever try it from a bottle or can--gack!
  68. People who type using no capitals or punctuation annoy me.
  69. As do people who constantly type in l33t.
  70. But not as much as idiot drivers.
  71. I've lived within 30 miles of Pebble Beach for the last 20+ years.
  72. But I've never been golfing.
  73. I'm mildly arachnophobic.
  74. And was even once attacked by a wild tarantula while fishing.
  75. Okay, hissed at.
  76. But it was still very frightening.
  77. Every finger on both hands has been burned to blister at least twice.
  78. Not intentionally.
  79. But every time was avoidable.
  80. And laughable.
  81. I used to be a Civil War re-enactor.
  82. I died in my first battle and saw no need to experience that again.
  83. All my bookshelves are full.
  84. And there are books on my desk.
  85. And on the floor.
  86. And in the attic.
  87. And in my parents' attic.
  88. I enjoy cooking.
  89. Especially stir fry.
  90. And baking cakes.
  91. But not decorating them.
  92. I live in an area completely devoid of decent radio stations.
  93. I hate going to hospitals.
  94. Paper plates & plastic utensils are the greatest invention since the wheel.
  95. My least favorite subject in high school was English.
  96. My most favorite subject in college was English.
  97. I have 5 active e-mail addresses.
  98. Not including ones for work.
  99. I will visit Ireland someday.
  100. I hate wearing ties I have actually grown to somewhat mildly enjoy wearing a tie at times.

Posted at 3/5/2004 8:32:23 am by PhilM

July 18, 2007   01:56 PM PDT
i use small letters for personal correspondence. i do use punctuation, so i probably only annoy you a little.

November 20, 2006   09:46 PM PST
i hate wearing ties also
January 4, 2006   09:25 PM PST
That has to be one of the best 100 things list I've ever seen. I'm thinking of stealing a few from you to put in mine somewhere...
particularly #1, 2, 23, 29, 41, 44, 46, 70, 72, 73!! (no mildly about it!), 93, 94, 96.. lol..
Great job!
November 22, 2005   09:49 PM PST
I'm with your dog, golden retrievers are the best, just overtaking sloths and lemurs.

Punk-raggae sounds interesting!
apart from that i agree with a lot of what you said, and this is the bext blog i've visited for a while. keep it up.

ps ragarding "me in pictures", your write, it is too scary and you should change your name.
November 14, 2005   07:58 AM PST
Becky (and anyone else who's curious): For an explanation, see
October 1, 2005   06:50 PM PDT
I have one more....explain #20....are you from Arkansas?????
September 26, 2005   09:26 PM PDT
Beth: Thanks for compliment :)

To answer your questions . . .

Yes. Vixen, Bangals, Bananarama and The Donnas (though I believe The Donnas actually are a '90's band) all have at least 1 album in my collection.

The #10 entry is because the only 2 times I've gone out with girls named Lori have been the only 2 times I've been genuinely pissed off over a girl (though for 2 entirely different reasons). I'm taking it as an omen. lol As for #'s 1&2, I guess it's just life.
September 26, 2005   08:06 PM PDT
Love the list. Scary...I agree with a lot of it.

Item you have 80's girl bands??? ie Go-Go's?? Lita ford doesn't count cause there were guys in her back up band.

I have a comment for Mandy first..what was a spider doing near your tongue...and why on earth would you bite it back...eeewwww.

curious about 1 and 2 I am guessing they have something to do with #10.

Thanks for the advice, I will try it. I am also considering earplugs.

Your blog has a great personality

July 1, 2005   11:54 AM PDT
What's a recoving Catholic?

And I agree I absolutely hated Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.
April 18, 2005   04:48 PM PDT
I agree, Guinness from the bottle or can is EVIL. What prankster thought that up?

Nice list here.
We are almost exactly the same age. Not that there's any point to that, just something I noticed. I like that my birth year is 1970 (October for me) because it's so easy to do the math to figure out how old I am each year. Stop laughing, the older I get the harder the math is, sadly. ;)
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